Volunteer With Us

Our organization is based on volunteers. Thus, we would love for you to volunteer with us and we have many opportunities by which you can volunteer. The primary ways you can volunteer are:

  1. Become A Board Member
  2. Community Involvement
  3. Be A Guest Speaker
  4. Be A Study Group Host
  5. Become A Mentor

Become A Board Member
Did you know that our board members are volunteers? Join us, we are stronger together!
What Does This Entail?
There are 5 core board member roles:

  1. President
  2. VP of Finance
  3. VP of Marketing
  4. VP of Professional Development
  5. VP of Technology

How to Join?

  1. Board member elections take place each year during the month of August.
    • 1st - Express your interest to us.
      • Feel free to talk with us in person. OR Fill out the application that we begin to circulate around this time asking for interested parties to apply.
      • In order to become a board member you must be a paid member of the IIBA.
      • This is a one-year commitment.
    • 2nd - Discuss positions available determine the right fit for you. If one of the core roles is not the right fit one can be created for you.
    • 3rd - Voting takes place.
    • 4th Once the votes are in, we will be in contact with you to help you get started.

Community Involvement
We believe our responsibility is to be active participants and leaders who build up each other, the business community, and our larger community, as a whole.

In What Ways?

  1. Park clean up and beautification -

Our chapter has adopted Duran Park. This adoption is part of Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful and it is a two-year commitment which started in 2020. In fact, there is a sign posted at the park which shows IIBA Tampa Bay as having adopted the park.
Each quarter we have an event for all of us to come together as a chapter and clean up/beautify the park. This is a great way for us to give back and spend time together in an open setting. Also, for those who want to and can socialize a bit longer, we usually go out to get food/drinks after. Check out our events to sign up. Cannot wait to see you there!
As you might notice due to Covid-19 we have cancelled several of these events during 2020 but we will pick back up once things are better. In the meantime, a board member is going out each month to check on and keep up with the park.

  1. Our Board Members Volunteer Together -

As a board we look for opportunities to volunteer with local organizations that are out supporting the community on an ongoing basis. This helps show our support for the community and the work they do. It helps give the organization a bit more manpower, during critical times (e.g. during the holidays). Creates connection with others who are like minded. Plus, this gives the board additional opportunity to bond together in common purpose and passion. Another great reason to be part of our local board!
Be a guest speaker
One of our key roles as analysts in the business community is to serve as change agents and thought leaders. Do you have something valuable you want to share? If so reach out to one of our board members.
How Does This Work?

  • Once you reach out, we will partner with you to:
    • Uncover how things relate back to what is most important for our chapter participants based on conversations, feedback and where things are trending.
    • Identify the best way to present the information (as a podcast/lunch and learn type or as an in-person, hands-on event).
    • Secure the date/time and (if in person) location/food sponsors for the event.
    • Provide you with an IIBA branded PowerPoint deck to use.
    • Help you prep.
    • Market the Event.
    • Recognize you.
    • Facilitate the event and engagement.

Why Should You Be A Guest Speaker?

  • Build your brand - Be seen, recognized, and respected as a thought leader in the business community.
  • Develop your public speaking skills - Our chapter is one where we care about each other and care about the work we do. If you already have great speaking skills - great. If not and you want to grow them, this is a perfect opportunity to give back and to grow.
  • Deepen your own understanding and refine your message - It is one thing to feel confident on a topic. It is another thing to share your understanding with others. It can challenge you on what you know and help you refine your message. In fact, this is a great way to spread love within our chapter and prep for upcoming events where you plan to speak.
  • Learn from your audience - We are not looking for the most renowned experts. We are looking for those with a passion, that have something valuable to share and want to share it with others in the group. We encourage you to engage with everyone in the audience. In fact, when someone asks a question feel free to share and/or ask the audience what they think - this encourages engagement and allows you and the rest of the participants the opportunity to learn as a group by seeing things from different perspectives.

Be A Study Group Host
An IIBA® certification prepares and equips Business Analysis Professionals with expertise and key competencies. Certification improves your marketability, your employability, and your earning potential.
Why Form a Study Group?

  • As you might already know there are several certifications offered by the IIBA. While most analyst jobs here in the area do not require BA type certifications, these certifications and even attending the study groups themselves can help you stand out, boost your confidence, deepen your understanding and strengthen your credibility.
  • Previously our chapter held local study groups for the CBAP, which many found useful. Those that went enjoyed the study group because they enjoyed spending time together and they learned a lot from each other.

How Can You Get Involved In a Study Group?

  • Start one for our chapter. Reach out to one of our board members or even consider joining the board and we will help get you started. We will lead you to what materials are available and we will help market the study group for you.
  • If you do not feel comfortable hosting a local study group no problem. There are other IIBA chapters that offer remote study group sessions and we post the details on how to take part in them on your social channels (Facebook, LinkedIn Group Chat & LinkedIn Company Page). Additionally, study groups as well as other events happening worldwide across various chapters can be found here. Take a look - you’re bound to find an event/group you like and want to attend.

Become A Mentor
IIBA® will introduce a Global Mentoring Program designed to provide mentoring to members and Chapter leaders. An experienced, senior BA leader will foster competencies but more importantly nurture professional growth, empower, and enable Chapter leaders and members to realize their personal and career goals.
What will you be doing as a mentor?

  1. Offer support through experience-based guidance
  2. Enhance your effectiveness, and help you to overcome challenges
  3. Supplement your BA training, particularly in areas with limited Chapter presence, or training opportunities
  4. Provide an alternative to classroom training
  5. Support Chapter leaders through leadership mentoring

Stay tuned (here) for more information on this exciting upcoming initiative.