Retrospective: Top Five Things You Missed

Last evening was a strong start to 2017 for our chapter. Our first meeting provided opportunities for members to provide direct feedback on our events and training. Engaging dialogue had us in our sponsor's office well past closing time (THANK YOU to our friends at VACO!). Here are some of the highlights (aka, what you missed).

5.) Mentorships. 

Whether you want to be a mentor or to find a mentor -- a program is forming. The Board is working with universities and colleges in the Tampa Bay area. If you have feedback or suggestions on this, contact us at

4.) Certifications and Study Groups.

If the CBAP is on your to-do list, stay tuned. 

3.) Industry Domain Knowledge.

So you are a "generalist". Or maybe you have been in the financial industry for 20 years. The Board has its ears to the ground and we all see opportunity in sharing knowledge from industries such as healthcare, media, banking, etc. (This may be a great way for you to segue to a new opportunity.)

2.) Tech Domain Knowledge.

You bridge the gap between the business and technology -- this year we will provide a forum for members to gain tech insight. Build your toolbox on data analytics, Internet of Things, etc. with us.

1.) Back to Basics on BA Skills (Tips and Tricks)

What are great examples of a Use Case? What are sample ways to write a strong User Story? Need a reminder on the five WHY's? On the soft skills side, how can you grow your Emotional Intelligence? Become a stronger BA just by strengthening your communication technique? We're reviving the tools that will provide you efficiency gains at work (and maybe elsewhere). 

To close, what we saw at the first evening is the bonus, not-so-secret feature -- MEANINGFUL networking. We're grateful for our sponsors and look forward to continuing our path in connecting people and organizations of interest. This is your chapter and this is also why we need you.

BAs naturally make the connections...