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User Experience (UX) Part 2 - Design Principles

Wednesday, June 24, 2020 -
6:00am to 8:00am
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Introduction to User Experience is an interactive discussion that would cover the following topics:

- The User Experience Design principles like Gestalts principles and many more.

The course will cover all the things you need to know to get started with user experience; it will cover why, how, who, and when. After this session, you will be well educated on UX, and you will ask all the right questions on your projects.

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Harish is a Sr. Enterprise UI Consultant at AgileThought. Previously he has been Enterprise UI/Mobile Architect, at various organizations like Bloomin Brands, Clarifire, and Raymond James. His passion is in Web Accessibility, UI Architecture, UX Design, UI Development, Accessibility Development/Testing, and all things front end. He has designed, architected, and developed small scale and large-scale applications with User Experience, Design principles, and User-centered design in mind. He loves to focus on product vision, direction, strategy, and Implementation and strongly believes that “we need to make it easy for all users no matter how hard it is for us (technologists) “. He is leading a volunteering team focusing on user-centered immersive design experience, mentoring, and coaching while working on charitable projects for charities like www. www.EducateChildren.org. He has taken upon a self-proclaimed role of “Web Accessibility Evangelist” as he is completely familiar with how organizations can architect, design, develop, and test for accessibility. He is trying to help people with disabilities by advocating for Web accessibility and has been sharing his knowledge, experience, and passion in the community through conferences, blogs, and meetups. He has an M.S in Mechanical Engineering, and his thesis was published in the Journal for Structural and Multidisciplinary optimization. He has been living in the Tampa Bay area since 2006 with his wife and two kids. He likes to spend time with family, going to movies, volunteering, swimming, and playing with kids.
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Harish Beeram
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Professional Development